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Services :: Environmental Toxicity Studies
Environmental Toxicity Studies- Ecotox Studies as per OECD guidelines
Fish, Acute Toxicity TestOECD 203
Avian Acute Oral Toxicity TestOECD 223,205
Fresh water Alga growth inhibitation TestOECD 201
Honeybee Acute Oral Toxicity TestOECD 213,214
Daphnia Acute immobilisation TestOECD 202
Earthworm Acute Toxicity TestOECD 207
Earthworm reproduction TestOECD 222
Stably Transfected Human Estrogen Receptor-α Transcriptional Activation Assay for Detection of Estrogenic Agonist- Activity of ChemicalsOECD 455
H295R Steroidogenesis AssayOECD 456
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