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DSIR Recognized Laboratory
Services :: Technical Services Entomology
Products forms tested
  • Laboratory
    Coils, LV, Mats, Aerosols (CIK,FIK,MIK), Baits, Lotions and Creams Fumigants, EC Formulations against stored grain pests
  • Field
    Lotions and creams, Larvicides and fogging concentrates
  • Others
    Air concentration study
Cultures of Household and Public Health Pests
  • Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Anopheles stephensi, Culex quinquefasciatus
  • Musca domestica
  • Periplaneta americana, Blatta orientalis, Blatella germanica
  • Cimex lectuliaris
Stored grain pests
  • Tribolium castenum
  • Sitophilus oryzae
  • Callosobruchus chinesis
Ross Lifescience conducts entomological assessment of product forms against various insect pests in laboratory as well as field.

Well equipped chambers for testing
Colonies of major insect pests
Experienced and expert staff
Timely results

Field trials

  • Bare-leg technique for repellents and other Household insecticide products
  • Trials for assessing efficacy of larvicides
  • fogging concentrates and rodenticides

Rearing of Insects

Hand-in-cage study

Rearing of Insects

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